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A Brush With Christmas (2022) - Great American Family Movie Review

A Brush With Christmas Movie Review
If you are looking for an easy Christmas movie to sit back and watch, I recommend "A Brush With Christmas".  It doesn't require intense concentration or a great deal of emotional investment, it is simply pure entertainment that provides a welcome distraction from the holiday stresses in your own life.

This is the first movie I have seen starring Jillian Murray or Joseph Cannata, and I found them both adorably endearing.  Murray is the perfect choice to play the part of a sweet, devoted & self-sacrificing daughter and Joseph Cannata makes an excellent concerned friend/boyfriend who tries to be helpful.


I watched "A Brush With Christmas" on  My husband gave me an early Christmas gift this year as soon as we discovered the site.  We signed up to the streaming service and he gave me a 1 year subscription.  It was the perfect gift for me!  Great American Pure Flix is dedicated to offering "the best in quality faith, family, and hometown-values entertainment".  I have already watched several movies on PureFlix and I love it!   

A Brush With Christmas Synopsis

Charlotte (Jillian Murray) is an artist, a painter to be more precise, but she works alongside her mother in the restaurant that was her father's dream.  She loves the family legacy and embraces being head chef, but her heart is really in painting.  

It is not unusual for an artist to work to pay the bills and "create" in their off time.  However, Charlotte's mother requires more of Charlotte in the restaurant than a normal job would demand.  That responsibility is even greater during the holidays when business is booming.

Charlotte is torn between the restaurant and her own desire to paint a Christmas picture to submit for the local art festival.  Time is limited, which makes it impossible for her to do both things well.  Under additional pressure from her mother, Charlotte makes the difficult decision to literally trash her half finished Christmas picture and focus on the extra seasonal demands at the restaurant.


Wyatt Graham (Joseph Cannata) is very successful and well known in the art world, but he is taking a much needed break from his job.  While business offers him a way to use his artistic ability, computer generated art is not as fulfilling for him as holding a pencil and drawing.  He is happy to be visiting his friend, David, who just moved to Bayside and he hopes to spend time back with his "drawing board".  

When David enters him in the city Christmas art festival, Wyatt is pretty excited to gather supplies and start creating, but finding the subject to draw proves to be a little more challenging.  Plus, he finds himself distracted by a lovely local artist.


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  1. Oh, this sounds like a wonderful movie. I so love all of the Christmas movies this year. I'm going to check out this Thanks for the review and the recommendation, Cynthia!

  2. This sounds like a delightful holiday romance that demands little of us but gives a lot. Perfect holiday entertainment! Thank you so much for your excellent review and recommendation.

  3. I saw this last year and really enjoyed it. Thanks for the memories.

  4. You hit the nail on the head with this recommendation in that it doesn't require intense concentration! I've actually been watching movies I've seen before so I can slip into and out of sleep and pick right up when I wake up, lol - I know I'd have to at least stay awake for this one, but the fact that it's light is the most important factor for me right now. Sounds perfect.

  5. Oh I think I could really just sit back and enjoy this movie. Thanks for your recommendation, I will look for it and know that I'm in for a really entertaining evening.

  6. I have never heard of Pureflix. I wonder if I can find this movie on some of my streaming services. I plan to spend a day during my break watching some gentle, holiday movies. Thank you for this review.

  7. Love the description of two 'artists' finding each other and falling in love. It actually happened in my family (daughter and son-in-law). :) Definitely a storyline I will enjoy in watching this Christmas movie. Thanks for introducing me to it with your delightful review.

  8. This sounds like a wonderful movie with a lovey storyline to just sit back, chill out and relax. Perfect for Christmas! Thankyou for your review and recommendation


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