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Reviewing Miracle LED Grow Lites for Small Space Indoor Growing Areas

I am not an experienced gardener. Especially when it comes to starting seedlings and growing plants indoors. I often kill more plants than I grow successfully. But I recently purchased the Miracle LED Grow Lite bulbs for my setup and I'm having excellent results with growing starts and plants indoors. I have a very small space to use for plants so I wanted to share what I've learned so far and encourage anyone - even people limited in space - to try growing indoors.

I previously used two high lumen, daylight CFL light bulbs to help keep plants alive in my apartment. I thought they worked well. Since then, I've moved to a home with a wonderful south-facing window. But during the winter and early spring months, my plants still need additional lighting. A friend suggested that I purchase grow light bulbs with red and blue spectrum. I didn't even know what red and blue spectrum was so I did some research. While I am still using the CFL bulbs I believe that the addition of the Miracle LED Grow Lite bulbs have made a significant improvements in my ability to grow indoors.

Miracle LED Grow Lite Bulbs

I started to do some research when my friend suggested that I purchase grow lights with blue and red spectrum. I was familiar with "daylight" bulbs with high lumens. But I had no clue what blue and red spectrum meant.  I learned that there are MANY options to choose from. There are grow lights on stands, hanging grow lights in one large fixture, and shelves with built-in grow lights.  I already have a shelf and a small area so I chose Miracle LED Grow Lite bulbs.

I purchased 3 separate bulbs: The ultra daylight white, the Absolute Daylight (TM) max flowering with red, and the Absolute Daylight (TM) max grow with red and blue LEDs. 

The online description of the Ultra Grow white bulb states:

"Miracle LED Commercial Hydroponic Ultra Grow Lite - Replaces up to 150W - Daylight White Full Spectrum LED Indoor Plant Growing Light Bulb for DIY Horticulture & Indoor Gardening"

Advertising for all of the bulbs states:

  • Nearly zero heat output
  • up to 10x longer life than standard bulbs
  • contains no mercury and emits no UV
  • replacing 150W flood
  • based on NASA Color Spectrum Technology
  • UL listed
  • runs for $1.44 per year

The description on the box for the Absolute Daylight Max Flower with Red states that the bulb is "ideal for plants and vegetables. Promotes flowering and fruiting"

The description on the box for the Absolute Daylight Max Grow with Red and Blue LEDs states that "red, blue, and daylight spectrum light for intense plant growth."

Previously, I had no idea that different spectrums of light are helpful for different plants or plants in different stages of their life (growth versus flowering). I had no clue that red spectrum light promotes flowering.  Now I know the very basics and my plants have clearly benefited already.

My Small Space Growing Shelves

As I mentioned above, I now live in a home with a wonderful south-facing window (southern exposures provide the most light). However, with the shorter days, I need to provide supplemental lighting. The pendant light cords and Miracle LED Grow Lite bulbs allow hours of additional light. 

My home is small so I have to keep my growing area small. I had an old shelf given to me that I repurposed and use for my indoor garden space. I am able to wrap the pendant light cords around the frame of the shelf and add the grow bulbs. The pendant light cords allow the height and placement of the bulbs to be adjusted as the plants grow. 

The growing zone for my area is 6a. However, I live on a ridge and that higher elevation seems to put me in 5b at times. I am learning how to garden here on the ridge and hope to start most of my own seedlings in the future. Because I live an a colder climate, starting seeds early helps to lengthen my growing season. I am also experimenting with growing vegetables to harvest indoors. I've recently started squash plants indoors and I've successfully gotten them to the stage of blooming. If I can successfully grow indoors, I'll have fresh vegetables year 'round.

I am currently having excellent success with this set-up and am very excited about learning to grow indoors. This is a short video of my indoor garden update thus far. 

I am quite sure that the Miracle LED Grow Lite bulbs are major part of the reason I currently have green, healthy plants growing in my little window garden. 


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  1. What a wonderful idea! I have never used any type of light bulb to help indoor plants, which might part of the reason why I kill so many indoor plants that are gifted to me. I love gardening outside (where I can blame mother nature for anything that goes wrong) but have never had much success with indoor plants. These LED Grow Lites should be in part one of every indoor house plant book.

  2. What an excellent idea to help plant growth and survival indoors. Thanks for reviewing these helpful grow lites, Dawn Rae.

  3. As someone who struggles with both indoor and outdoor gardening, I really appreciate your recommendation to try these LED grow lights that can be suspended from pendant light cords. To date, my only edible crops have been my Hamama microgreens seed quilts (which I reviewed here on Review This Reviews). These LED grow lights might allow me to expand my home-grown veggie repertoire.

  4. This sounds great Dawn. Thank you for sharing your experience.

  5. I love gardening and growing outdoor and indoor plants and have never tried these lights. What a great idea to help indoor/houseplants thrive! Thank you so much for sharing your experience.


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