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Reviewing the Casdon TOY Dyson Ball Vacuum

Last weekend I traveled to visit my son and family and attend my granddaughter's birthday party. It had been over a year and a half since I had seen them so this was a special occasion on so many levels. But what to get a girl for her 4th birthday.  You get her what she wants. Thank goodness she wasn't asking for a pony.  She wanted a vacuum. I chose the Casdon Toy Dyson Ball Vacuum and she loved it.

Casdon Toy Dyson Ball Vacuum

As soon as my son told me that my granddaughter has been asking him for a vacuum cleaner, I began shopping for a suitable toy vacuum. 

Of course these toys range from lightweight and inexpensive toys, to better-built but "comic" vacuums (The Fisher Price version for example) to more expensive, battery-operated toys.  I was looking for a realistic but miniature style.

And I found the toy Dyson Ball vacuum.  It is offered by several different sellers on Amazon and I chose the CASDON version.  I am so glad I did. It arrived quickly (a day sooner than promised) and was better than I expected. Based on a couple of reviews, I am wondering if some of the sellers are selling knock-offs. 

These are the features I noticed about this toy:

  • this toy Dyson Ball Vacuum is well-made and sturdy.
  • uses 4 C batteries to make a suction sound and spinning motion (with an on/off switch)
  • there is a bit of suction and a 'dust bin" to empty
  • It is a nice size - just right for my 4 year old granddaughter (she's a small 4)
  • maneuvers like an adult-sized ball vacuum
  • comes in a variety of colors
I chose this in pink because granddaughter wears some favorite pink dresses.

Children love to be "little helpers".  This is one reason toys such as vacuums (tiny kitchens, brooms, tools, etc) are so popular. Toys such as this also help with motor skills and coordination. Also, as on reviewer on Amazon explained, some children with autism or anxiety disorders, who are fearful of the adult-sized vacuums, may be able to use and enjoy this tiny, quieter version to get over their fears. 

Initially, I thought I would not buy this as a gift, especially after having not seen them for such a long period of time. But then I decided that it was what she had been asking for and what she wanted. It was a hit. She exited the party (ours were the last gifts she opened thankfully) to go inside and begin vacuuming with a big grin on her face.

Click the photo for more information
Click the photo for more information


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  1. Oh Dawn Rae, I can see how this toy would be a hit. Little girls and boys should be taught to clean up after themselves early on in life and this toy would just make that so much fun. I like that it has some suction to help them understand that they really are doing something to help. Moms everywhere I'm sure would enjoy the added helping hands. Sounds like you had a great visit with your family too!

  2. Exactly the type of toy my daughter enjoyed when she was small. Never got to try them out on granddaughters, as I ended up with five grandBOYS. LOL. But I agree that children enjoy toy versions of actual 'grown-up' items to be Little Helpers - their version of imitating the 'mom and dad' roles.

  3. First of all Happy Birthday to your Granddaughter. I'm so glad you got to spend the time with her. This certainly looks like the perfect toy, especially if that is what she wanted. It always amazes me that the kids want be mimic what there parents do, our granddaughters do the same. Great Review Dawn :)

  4. It is always so helpful when parents tell us what their children really want for a gift. I can't always guess what a child will want. I doubt a toy vacuum would have even come to mind for me. Toy kitchen, yes, but a toy vacuum? I'm so glad you found a good one. There are so many knock-offs of everything these days. It is a bit scary buying online, especially when it comes to birthday gifts. Happy Birthday to your sweet granddaughter!

  5. My brother-in-law is a bit of a "neat freak" (which I admire, since I'm not!), and from the time my nephew was quite young, he used to love following his dad around the house with the vacuum cleaner. (How I wish I had learned to love vacuuming when I was a kid, lol!) If this Casdon Toy Dyson Ball Vacuum had been around 25 years ago, it would have made a perfect gift for my nephew, albeit probably not in pink. ;) Sounds like you really did your homework to find the best toy vacuum to delight your granddaughter for her birthday!

  6. How wonderful it had to be to spend that time with family. Isn't it fun that children want to be helpers and have toys that reflect that? I'm glad you found the perfect gift to match your granddaughter's fervent wish for a vacuum cleaner toy. Doesn't it feel fantastic to make a child's heart glad?

  7. This is a fantastic gift idea for a child. We have grandchildren who love to be helpers - thanks for this idea, I'm going to consider this as a Christmas gift this year. Perfect.


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