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A Review of Heavenly Hunks: A Perfect Gluten-Free Snack

A Review of Heavenly Hunks: A Perfect Gluten-Free Snack
Heavenly Hunks at Almost Actual Size -  © B. Radisavljevic

I Love to Snack

I tend to graze my way through the day. But I don't want to eat junk food. So I try to find healthy snacks. I often eat nuts or crackers made with whole grains or seeds. Whenever possible I prefer gluten-free or organic snacks. Heavenly Hunks meet my criteria. For those to whom it matters, they are also vegan and dairy free. They are good any time of day, but I most often have them for breakfast.

My Strange Breakfast Habits

I used to be a big fan of breakfast. As I entered my last quarter of life I began to feel a bit queasy when I woke up most mornings. My routines changed when my medication changed and I had to take my medication schedule into account when planning my meals, snacks, and sleeping hours. I have to eat something before I take my medication, and I often have to take it within a few minutes of waking up. So I need to put something in my stomach before I feel like eating. Sometimes all I can handle is a soda cracker, so I have it as soon as the alarm goes off, take my medication, and wait until I have more appetite before eating much more. If I feel up to it, I might have a banana or some grapes.

I used to have a Heavenly Hunk, but then Costco stopped carrying them. I was delighted to find them back in stock again last week, so I picked up a few bags. One or two of them with a banana makes a breakfast I can tolerate and it goes well with my morning tea.

Heavenly Hunks Organic Oatmeal Dark Chocolate Chip - 22oz BagHeavenly Hunks Organic Oatmeal Dark Chocolate Chip - 22oz BagCheck Price



Each small tasty hunk contains oatmeal and dark chocolate chips as the first two ingredients. I get a gram of fiber, and a gram of protein. I admit I also get 7 grams of sugar, but they are good sugars. (Well, as good as any sugar can be.) I often balance those sugars with a handful of salted peanuts for another form of protein. It works for me. If I don't feel up to that much sugar, I have some BelVita Breakfast Biscuits, which I also keep on hand. They aren't quite as sweet.

Heavenly Hunks Are Tasty Snacks Anytime

They also are good for dessert when you want to satisfy your sweet tooth without feeling too guilty. You can always have a few nuts of your choice to accompany the hunks to feel more virtuous. Actually, an apple and a few walnuts would be perfect.

Heavenly Hunks are also a valuable addition to my emergency food shelf. The electric company has given fair warning that they may shut us down for days at a time during fire season. Hot foods or foods that require using dishes will be inconvenient, as will be freeze-dried foods. Water will be scarce.

So we are stocking up on nutritious snacks like the Heavenly Hunks, BelVita, dark chocolate, dried fruit, nuts, and trail mix. We will also have to rely on canned fish and vegetables more than we like. We usually have apples, oranges, and bananas that don't need refrigeration, and we keep whole grain crackers on hand. We will also have the protein drinks my husband likes and I don't like much. It will be a departure from our normal diet of fresh foods, but we won't starve. 

A Review of Heavenly Hunks: A Perfect Gluten-Free Snack
© B. Radisavljevic

You Can Now Find Heavenly Hunks at Amazon

I was happy to see this, since Costco is an unreliable source. That's a shame, since the treats are about half the price at Costco when they do have them. Amazon also sells smaller bags with different flavors, like peanut butter.

Wherever you get these, they are tasty morsels. If you get a chance, try them. Snack on them and keep them handy for emergencies. You won't be sorry.

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  1. Barb, I love dark chocolate chip oatmeal cookies. Before I switched to a sugar free, grain free, very low carb diet a few months ago, these would have been perfect for me! I also like the idea of including them in your shelf of non-perishable foods in case of power outages.

  2. Well, these Heavenly Hunks sound delicious! I'm not much on breakfast either, but I do need something before noon. These "hunks" may be exactly what I need too. I immediately noticed "vegan" on the bag. We have several vegan family members. Having these snacks on hand during the holidays will be fabulous! Thanks for introducing us.

    1. Judging from Costco's past history, I doubt if they will stock these as the holidays approach. The bags I bought are good until sometime in 2020, so I bought a few. Not even the company that makes these have the large size for sale on Amazon or Costco available to buy online. I suspect this large size will disappear from both around the same time. The site says they have smaller bags on sale in stores. None near me, but a few Safeway stores within fifty miles of me. They do have forms available to use to request your local stores to carry these.

    2. I LOVE them & have 2 with coffee every morning, I was SO sad when I went back to Costco & they didn't have them but they Did have the Birthday Cake hunks which I bought but definitely don't like as much as the Oatmeal Dark CHoc!

  3. Having healthy food snacks on hand for emergencies are always a good idea. I have been following the path of the tropical storm (Dorian) churning toward Florida and remembering the times I had to be prepared for power outages, etc. when I lived along the Georgia coast. It helps to have non-perishables on hand to eat when emergencies happen.

    1. Definitely agree. We are used to depending on refrigeration and freezers, so we often buy economical large sizes of perishable goods and save the rest for another day. I'm trying to keep some smaller sizes of things like canned baked beans that provide one serving and can be eaten cold. One has to eat more than sweet things when the power is down for an extended time.

  4. Barb, these sound delicious. I'm not a great fan of breakfast to begin with, but know that I should eat something before I get into something really bad for me. This just might be the answer. I will try them and see. Hopefully they don't give me too much acid in my stomach, that's my biggest battle.

  5. These sound so good. I'm with you on breakfast. I'll eat a small amount then usually something more a bit later. Sometimes I'll fast through the morning as well.


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