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You Can Own a Rare Richard Burns Print, Signed by the Artist

Richard Burns Art Prints are Available Online

*Click any photo to buy the prints at
Richard Burns Snow Leopard
Thru the Pass by Richard Burns

I'm totally biased because he's my husband but I love Richard Burns' art. This year he released a few prints from his archives that are now available at Amazon.

All of the prints are from the 1990's when he did a series of wild animals. Each print was created in a batch of from 500-2000 prints only, and signed and numbered.  After the initial run many of them sold out, but somehow we ended up with around 10-20 prints of some of the animals, so Richard released them this year.

My favorite one is his Snow Leopard perched on a rock. The wound up energy is palpable! It's called Winter's Veil and was one of his most popular prints. His other Snow Leopard is also a best seller called Thru the Pass. (yes we know it's misspelled, but that's how it was printed so we're stuck with it now.) It's the one pictured above. Below is Winter's Veil.

Richard Burns Snow Leopard
Winter's Veil by Richard Burns

We have a friend who has all his "cat prints" as he calls them on one wall of his house. The Snow Leopard ones are my favorite and he has them in the middle of that wall. Then on the end of the wall is a huge print of Tigers, called Icy Courtship. (Another best seller of Rich's.)

Richard Burns Tigers
Icy Courtship by Richard Burns

Rich seems to have a way with animals as the Los Angeles Zoo had him go into the cages to paint these magnificent animals in their habitat, for a series of cards he did for them. He did coyotes and wolves too, and swans and owls. But the cats were the best sellers and continue to be used on calendars, mugs, puzzles, needlework kits, and t shirts.

Still there's nothing like a wonderful art print on your wall to remind you every day of the animals who used to roam  whole continents.  So just click on any of the prints you see here if you are interested in purchasing. They won't last, so best to get over there soon.

Which cat print is your favorite?

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  1. Really beautiful work. I love the one called Icy Courtship the best...but they are all great. Thanks for an interesting article.

  2. What stunningly gorgeous art! I do love the big cats and these prints are quite beautiful. Thank you for sharing them here on Review This! I love the all and I am not even sure which is my personal favorite. They are all so realistic.

  3. These are so beautiful, I love them! The Victorian cottages are my favorite but I really love all the wildlife prints too.

  4. Ok, I'm probably the only one who didn't know your hubby was an artist! His work is outstanding. After visiting the link to his site, I indicated that my two fave pieces are 'Miller's Pond' (I think that was the name of it) and the Victorian House - but honestly it was all spectacular. What a talent and gift he has.

  5. They're really lovely Heather. I love the tigers

  6. No Brite Ideas, I didn't know this either. He is incredible though. What a talent! I wish I could say that I had some of this talent, but the truth be known, mine lies in stick people, still. I have not grown in my artistic talents one bit. Glad to see these beauties. I don't know which one I like the best though. They are all very impressive.

  7. Oh wow, gorgeous! I didn't know this about you and your husband. I think I like the first one best. It reminds me of a time we were hiking in the snow in western Maryland. I was almost positive I had found a fresh cat print in the snow. And then was left wondering what kind of "cat" was up the hill keeping an eye on me as I hiked. I have no idea what kids of cats might be out there, if any. So my imagination went wild. These are gorgeous prints. Thank you for sharing them with us.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Your husband's work is lovely! Pinned to my cat board to share with other cat lovers.

  10. Does anyone know the value of the icy courtship picture???

    1. The original sold for over $3000, I think it was $3500. But that was a while ago and it may have been more. Some of his originals have gone for more than $5000. Prints sell for much less however. It depends on how they frame the print too. We have seen them framed for over $500 or in simple frames, for around $125. Hope that helps!

    2. How many signed prints were there? If framed with letter of coa,just curious on the value


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