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A Review of Zweigles Red Hots and White Hots

Zweigles, a German frankfurter product, is a regional treat anyone who has ever lived in or visited the Rochester, New York area will tell you is the best they have ever tasted. 

Zweigle Hot Dogs Review

Zweigle's Products

Zweigle is a family-owned company in Rochester, New York which has been in operation since 1880 when C. Wilhelm and Josephine Zweigle opened their butcher shop.  They became known for producing great tasting “Old World” German products. Their products include their famous Pop Open products (our family favorites) to authentic ethnic sausages, chicken sausages, and deli meats. They also now have new lines of meatballs, chicken breasts and breakfast sausages. 

A Rochester Favorite

Having grown up in the area, my family became big fans of Zweigle's pop-open hot dogs which come in both beef and pork varieties and are referred to locally as Red Hots and White Hots. They come in a natural casing and pop open when cooked.

For many years, the only way you could buy these delicious hot dogs was to either live in the area, or have your hometown family and friends bring them to you on a visit. Once you have tasted a Zweigle's hot dog or other sausage product, you will be a fan for life. Thankfully, today's technology has made these products more readily available outside Rochester, and you are now able to order them on Amazon or through the Zweigle's website

Over the years, I have lived in many places around the country and family members have often made visits. Last week, my brother & sister-in-law made a trip to where I now live in Kansas City. Before leaving the Rochester area, my brother called and said “shall I bring Zweigle's hots?” The question wasn't necessary; the whole family knows that's a standing order ~ LOL.

Zweigle hot dogs cooking on the grill

The weekend they arrived, the weather was terrible – a cold front had moved in just hours before, turning October Indian Summer sunshine and warm temperatures to a cold near freezing with rain. The best way to cook a pop-up Zweigle's Hot Dog is on the grill; cooked until the skin pops open. Despite the rain and cold, my son put on his winter jacket and fired up the Weber grill. It was dark, 35 degrees, and raining, but the end result was well worth the delicious dinner of Zweigler's Red Hots enjoyed by everyone.


If you have never had a Zweigle's German frankfurter or one of their other sausage products, you are in for a treat. Once you have tasted Zweigle's, ordinary hot dogs and sausage products are never the same. A truly delightful and delicious regional dish. 

Zweigle Hot Dogs

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*Review of Zweigle's Hot Dogs written by Wednesday Elf

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  1. We have lived in Western New York for over 30 years now, and I'm sorry to say we have never tried these. I will certainly look for these at our grocery store, and give them a try. Thank so much Pat for this recommendation.

  2. I know Wegman's Food Markets carry Zweigle's, Sam, if you have one in your area. And I know you would LOVE these Red Hots & White Hots. If you try them, let me know what you think.

  3. Oh, this sounds like something my husband would love! Clearly, having grown up in the south, I have never heard of Zweigles before. It is pretty cool that we can all have them shipped to us now. Thank you for the introduction!

    1. It is definitely an East Coast product, mostly based in Rochester, NY. But I agree it is really cool that we can now have them shipped to us Ex-Pat Rochester natives. LOL.

  4. I have never tried a Zweigle's German frankfurter or any of their other products. They sound very tasty from your description! Sounds like a great tradition for your family and love that your son fired up the grill despite the weather! Thank you for your introduction and recommendation.

    1. Glad you enjoyed hearing about our favorite local product, Raintree Annie. Sure was a treat to have a homegrown favorite brought across country to us.

  5. I have never tried (or even heard of) Zweigle’s products, but the Red Hots and White Hots pop-open sausages sound delicious! I’m going to see whether our local Wegmans supermarket carries them. Thanks so much for introducing us to them!

    1. Margaret, if you have a Wegman's in your area, you just might be able to get Zweigle's Hots. I love Wegmans foods; wish there was one in my area.

  6. Thanks for the introduction - I'll keep your recommendation in mind when shopping - appreciate it! They do look delicious

    1. Always fun to hear about a delicious food item new to you. Thanks for your visit, Barbara.

  7. I think I need to make a trip to the US and soon, there are so many things to try and buy! I hope they will let them come north! Or I'll have to BBQ them while visiting. They sound delicious!

    1. Don't know why there would be any problem bringing Zweigle's hots back home to Canada, Olivia. :) And Rochester, NY isn't all that far from Toronto! These hots definitely ARE delicious.


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