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Book Review: Lights Out by Elise Hart Kipness

Lights Out by Elise Hart Kipness, a whodunnit novel
I read this book for free as part of the Amazon Prime first read for October. I am so glad I picked this book out of the selection as the characters are well rounded and the whodunnit is an interesting plot without being too complicated.

So imagine you're on suspension from your job and your best friend's husband is killed, it just begs for you to solve the crime really doesn't it? Kate Green is the main character and she's a former professional soccer player who is now a network sports reporter (well she's on forced suspension, but you can find out all about that in the book!). The author, Elise Hart Kipness is a former television sports reporter which may be why the book's scenes seem really authentic.

Her best friend's husband is a much-loved elite basketball player and the prime suspect is his wife, Kate's best friend Yvette. Kate knows a lot of Yvette's flaws, but she doesn't believe that she is capable of murder. The fly in the ointment is the lead detective in the case who is always camera-ready and seems determined to jail Yvette without investigating other leads.

Along the way, we meet Yvette and Kurt's (the aforementioned basketball player) daughter and Kate's son and daughter. We also meet Kate's ex-husband and third wife, and we also discover that the pin for his phone is Kate's birthday - does this mean anything.

We also learn a little bit about Kate's life such as her relationship with her mother and stepdad and the fact that her father is an NYPD detective and just like that when assistance is needed from the NYPD it comes in his form! He also makes a cryptic comment towards the end of the book which had me hoping for another book.

Luckily as I looked up the book on Amazon to see if it's available for everyone to purchase yet (it is) I see it is now titled Lights Out (Kate Green Book 1) and there is a the title of a second book in the series which you can preorder. The release date is next year.

One reviewer called this book an entertaining read and summed it up rather aptly with this sentence, 'There is a clever plot, twists and turns and a satisfying ending with a hint of intrigue'. I think that sums it up beautifully and I thoroughly recommend this book.

I enjoyed reading this book with a large fizz and a couple of protein cookies, what will you be enjoying when you read this book?

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  1. This new author's first book sounds almost like a cozy mystery where friends get involved in solving a crime and rather annoy the police who are trying to solve it. :) And, like you, when I discover a new author or character, I'm always delighted that a series begins and I can soon revisit the character and their adventures. Thanks for introducing me to the Kate Green series. You know I love mysteries!

  2. This sounds like a terrific book that my husband and I would both enjoy! I love that the author is a former network TV sports reporter, like her main protagonist, and I’m sure that lends great authenticity and color to the story. Thanks so much for your recommendation.

  3. I am so glad you reviewed and recommended this book! I still have the option to make a selection for October because none of them appealed to me when I read through their descriptions. You just made my choice for me! I look forward to reading this book. I have recently been watching a crime series. In almost every episode, they remind us that the spouse is always the first suspect.

  4. This sounds like an excellent who-dun-it book to read - the fact that the spouse is the suspect suggests there are twists and turns to look out for - I love solving convoluted plot lines!

  5. Another book to put on my book list to read. I love a good story with well developed characters and one that keeps me turning the pages. I think you have hit these marks for me and the book is going on my must read soon list. Thanks Louanne!


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