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My Christmas Confession! Heart Warming Stories Make Me Happy!

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Yes, I have a confession to make.  

Since my husband and I decided to get into Amazon Prime, my Television watching has increased by 100%.  I thought I'd take a moment and review why my TV habits have changed.

For years now, our television set was just a big black screen that we would show our family pictures on.  Neither myself nor my other half were interested in anything that was being shown for entertainment purposes, on most cable channels.  So our TV became our picture show instead.  Our cable was cancelled and the only thing he missed was his hockey games.  I did not miss anything about the TV.  I did start reading a lot more and that was not a bad thing either.  Then............

That all changed when he signed up for Prime!  Initially he signed up so that our items would ship for free and quickly.  He's the impatient one in our family.  What he did not fully realize when he signed up, was all the added bonuses that came along with his membership in the Amazon Prime community.

Because we have Prime, we are now able to watch many varied and wonderful shows that cable companies don't offer.  I haven't even scratched the surface of what's available on Amazon Prime.  

So here's part of the confession:  I go to Prime Movies and look for fun and new Christmas Specials.  After all, it is that time of year.  There are so many movies that I have never heard of before.  There is a category called Family and Kids Movies!  That is exactly what they offer!    I know when I pick something from this category, that I won't need to worry about the content being for "adult audiences".  

Family Movies is full of wonderful films that are good for all ages.  There are animated movies and movies from all over the world.

I just happened to come across a movie called the Christmas Story.  I expected the usual Santa Claus story and while it was along that line, it was a whole new story to me.  This one had a twist in it that made it a real heart tugging movie.  Filmed in Finland and Lapland, the scenery is breathtaking and the actors are pretty good too.  There is no one in the movie whose name I recognized, but, there is talent out there in the world too.

saint nicholas

Prime not only offers you TV that you will enjoy watching, but books (with membership you get 3 free books a month), and music.  So these have all been added bonuses for us.  My other half just wanted to save money on shipping and time.  What he got was a whole lot more!  

All together I would say that getting Prime for your family would be a gift that will keep on giving long after Christmas is over.  Those are the kind of gifts I like and would really enjoy!  I'm sure there is someone out there that feels the same way and has not yet taken the plunge into the world of Prime.

I had given up watching Television for over 4 years and now that we have Prime available to us, I know that when the itch to watch something hits, I can get a show that I  know I will enjoy.

If you don't have Prime yet, consider it for your family.  I'm sure that you won't regret it.

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  1. Interesting to see how many benefits there are to having Amazon Prime, Olivia. I was aware of some of them. I tried it for the month free trial, but only for free shipping for a selection of books I had been wanting. I did not continue it after the free trial because I do not buy that much on Amazon throughout the year to justify the monthly fee. I never checked into the movies and free books, so perhaps it is time I reevaluated this program.

    1. I still haven't gotten through all the "goodies" attached to our Amazon Prime membership, but I do know that I really enjoy the Prime Movies. Still have to check out the Music but I have been told it's awesome as well.

  2. I'm a pretty big fan of Amazon Prime myself! I originally signed up because of the free shipping. But, I enjoy the movies and books that are included with that subscription as much, or more than the shipping privileges.

    1. I'm with you on all counts! Shipping is great too, but not the only reason to have Prime that's for sure.

  3. Like Sylvestermouse, I originally signed up for the free shipping and didn't pay much attention to the free content libraries, but have since discovered how valuable that content is! It wouldn't have occurred to me to check for Christmas Specials in Prime Video if you hadn't mentioned it.

  4. Oh there are so many that are really enjoyable and just fill our home with the joy and spirit of Christmas. I am really enjoying this part of our Christmas celebrations.

  5. I have had Amazon Prime for many, many years. I haven't yet watched any of the TV show offerings on Prime. Perhaps I should check that out. I've never had a fast enough Internet connection to do much online viewing. I do enjoy having access to free books and fast shipping.

  6. I too enjoy my Prime membership. Since all my kids and grandkids live out of town I too originally got it for the shipping but now enjoy the movies and books too. This weekend we are having a classic Christmas movie night with our friends and I just went to Amazon Prime and had lots of old movies to choose from. Now the decision should we watch Its a Wonderful Life, Holiday Inn, White Christmas or perhaps Meet Me in St. Louis. Decisions...decisions.

    1. All great choices, I hope you have a really good time watching all those oldie but goodies. We never have a Christmas without one or more of those titles playing either. Merry Chirstmas to you!

  7. Loving the Prime membership, I agree! The music library is fabulous too!

  8. I still have to fully check out the music part of my Prime Membership. Something I will do over the holidays.

  9. We signed up last year as my husband wanted to watch the Jack Ryan television series and it was the only way we could view it. We have discovered so many other shows definitely a good deal in our opinion.

  10. There are many great viewing opportunities on Amazon Prime. Thanks for the additional information about subscribing to that service.

  11. Olivia, thank you for this! I've been a prime member for years and they keep reminding me that I'm not using the full benefits of my membership. I'll take a look at their shows now!


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