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Sunday, January 10, 2021

Review of LED Rechargeable Strip Lights for Closets, Kitchens and More

LED Rechargeable Strip Lighting - No Batteries Required

I purchased LED rechargeable strip lights for my son's closet as a small Christmas gift, and wow, great product.

LED Strip Lighting for Closets and More

My son loves ambient lighting and has positioned stip-lighting behind his desk, his piano, and bed headboard, and they look amazing. However, those particular strip lights require electricity, and that's fine for furniture pieces near an outlet, but not for a closet.

In my search for a creative gift, I came across strip lights that are rechargeable. My first thought was, what-the-heck is rechargeable strip lights? First of all, I despise lights that require batteries. Batteries are simply an added cost. So the word "rechargeable" piqued my interest.

My son's closet is big enough to step into, and I wanted to get lighting for it without resorting to something that requires batteries.

In my search, I came across these Medulla Strip Lights and decided to give them a try. Good decision. They're fantastic. 

Here's how they look in his closet:

One set was enough to reach across the back of the closet. The closet is about 5.5 feet wide. He positioned the lights along the back wall of the closet. You can put them under the top shelf; however, he felt they would be better across the back. 

Here's Another Look at His Closet:

Settings on the Led Strip Lights

On his model, there are three settings; On, Off, and Auto. Also, the brightness can be adjusted up or down. Auto activates the motion sensor - which is fantastic. The lights stay off until it senses motion when you open your closet. That helps to preserve battery life.

Easy to Install With Built-In Adhesive

Simply peel the protective backing off of the strip lights and install them where you want. They secured perfectly for my son. His were placed on wood. The rechargeable unit also has adhesive on it and can easily be positioned where you want to put it.

How Long Does the Battery Last?

The instructions indicate that when you have the strip lighting set at Auto (Motion Sensor), assuming you open and close your closet 5 times a day, the charge should last approximately 30 days. My son hasn't had it that long yet and hasn't had to do a recharge.

How Do You Recharge LED Strip Lighting?

This unit has a USB port and a short USB cord. Simply plug it into a USB outlet. I imagine you could use your computer to recharge; however, we have a power cord with built-in USB slots, so we intend on using that.

Other Places You Can Put this Convenient Strip Lighting:

  • Staircases
  • Under bedframes for kids for added lighting when they step out of bed.
  • Sheds and Garages
  • Under kitchen cupboards
  • Dark corners that need lighting from time to time
  • The back of headboards for ambient lighting
  • Home entertainment systems
More Info On Recharging the Battery

Below Margaret asked some good questions that I thought would better be mentioned up here:

Does the Recharging Unit Detach for Charging?

Yes, it does. Simply pull it out from the end where the connection is made to the lights.

More Info on Recharging

My son plans on using a recharging brick (you know, the ones from cell phones). He'll simply plug the charging unit into the brick, and then plug the brick into the wall. The unit comes with a short cord to attach the closet charging unit to the brick. Of course, you can plug it into a laptop or PowerBar with USB connections as well. I think the brick connection is the easiest. 

How the Charging Unit Attaches to the Wall

The unit comes with a magnetic strip with an adhesive backing. Simply place the magnetic strip on the wall (stick it), then the rechargeable unit attaches to the magnetic strip for easy removal when it's time to recharge.


  1. Great idea Barbara, I have something similar in my kitchen. I never sleep a full night so find myself up in the middle of the darkest parts of the night and thirsty, so I use mine in the kitchen. It's amazing to me that they give off enough light so that you are not totally "woken up" but can stil find a glass and water when you need it. Great product for sure!

  2. These LED lights sound perfect for just about any place you need light. They look great in your son's closet. What a perfect gift.

    1. Thanks Ms. Elf, I want them in a few other closets now - I'm in a "purging closets mode" right now so I'm planning on trying in a few other places

  3. How awesome! I would love to have strip lighting inside my cabinet pantry. It is impossible to see what is stored in the back of my deep cabinet. Since this strip lighting doesn't require nails or screws, it would be perfect for me too. Clearly, I would need to remember to charge the lighting, but the strip would certainly be better than the flashlight I currently use since it would free up both hands. Thanks for another Brite Idea!

    1. Oh I have to agree, better than a flashlight! lol - I watched Jesse put these in his closet, and I could do it for sure

  4. What a wonderful, thoughtful gift for your son, and one he obviously loves! I'd love to add LED strip lighting to my dark closets (and inside my pantry, as well). Is there a way to disconnect the battery for charging? Unfortunately, we don't have a nearby outlet where we could put a USB plug adapter or power strip.

    1. Margaret, he hasn't recharged it yet, but there's a USB cord on it that you can connect to anything where a USB charges - he'll probably put it in his laptop to charge - although I hate charging that way (takes too long on my iphone when I charge my phone that way) - but that's what he plans to do - but we have a power bar with USB slots as well - you can actually install wall outlets now with USB ports in them - so to answer your question, Jesse will recharge it by using his laptop - I can let you know how that goes when he does

    2. oh and I forgot to answer your question, "is there a way to disconnect the battery for charging" - Yes. the charging unit attaches to a magnet on the wall - the magnet has a sticky strip that you use to put it on the wall, then the charging unit attaches to the magnet for easy on and off removal for charging. Jesse just informed me that he's going to use a 'charging brick' to recharge the closet device - A brick is the square plug that comes with cell phones - you know the ones right? - he'll plug the unit into the brick usb port and then plug the brick in the wall to charge - hope that helps

    3. Margaret, thanks for these questions - I added them above to the article for further clarification too :)

    4. Thanks so much for your detailed answers, Barb! This sounds like a great solution. I'm planning to show this to John this evening!

  5. This sounds great! It looks good in your sons wardrobe.We have a large under stairs cupboard that has no lighting and while it has a window once it gets dark its impossible to see what is in there! We have had battery powered lights in there before but the batteries do not seem to last long. This would be a great solution! Also would be good in one of our wardrobes. Actually the more you think about it the more places you could find these useful :) Thanks for a great review!

  6. You always find the most amazing products. I could use these in my garage, under the kitchen cabinets and so many other places. Currently all of our closets lights in them. Great product and great review.

  7. This sounds like a great product. Thanks for the review.


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