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Friday, March 27, 2020

About Sam Monaco

Sam Monaco - author, cook, and contributor
About Sam Monaco on Review This Reviews

First, let say how honored I am to be part of Review This Reviews Blog. I've followed most of the contributors here for a long time.

What I like about Social Media is that you meet people and follow their work and communicate with them on-line.

You never meet them in person and yet they become part of your family. That's the way I feel about the contributors on Review This Reviews.

My full name is Eugene Samuel Monaco, but everybody just calls me Sam. I only use my full name when signing important documents. I was named after my uncle who was called Sam also.

I'm a semi-retired Industrial Engineer working in the automotive and furniture industries. You just can't get any further apart from an industry standpoint. My work gives me the opportunity to interact with people every day on the manufacturing floor. This is the reason that I love my job so much.

I began my online writing about 9 years ago and this is where I meet so many wonderful and helpful people. The following are just some of the places you can find me online.

Sam's Places: This is my food blog where you will find old and new family recipes. I have a passion for preserving old family recipes the recipe's from my mother, grandmother, and aunts.  So many of these old recipes are written on little scraps of paper. I find it to be such fun to figure them out and reproduce them so they can be enjoyed for many generations.

Cherished Toy Finds: This is my toy blog where I write about what I call cherished toys. I watched my grandchildren play with some of the very same toys that I had and my kids had. So, I thought what a great idea it would be to write about some of these toys that have been around forever. You'll find many of these cherished toys in my blog. Along with some new ones that they teach grandpa about.

Reviewed By Sam: This one is my own review blog where you can find a variety of things; books, products, travel, and do-it-yourself project. I always own and use the products I write about in all of my blogs.

A Little More About Sam:

My interests are simple. I enjoy the work I do and the interaction with so many people. I take great pleasure in preserving those family recipes and creating some new ones along the way. My biggest joy is my four grandchildren. I cherish every minute I spend with each one of them.


  1. Welcome to the team of contributors, Sam! It is so nice to have you with us!

  2. Welcome to the team, Sam. Delighted to have you as a contributing member of Review This Reviews. I have enjoyed your Food Blog for years, so I know you have a lot to offer RTR as a writer and team member. Welcome, my online friend. ~Elf

  3. Welcome Sam. It is great to ha
    Be you on the Review This staff

  4. It has been a delight to interact with you online over the years. You feel like a dear friend by now. So wonderful to have to join our ReviewThis family. I know this is just the start of something really good for all of our readers and extended community.

  5. A big WELCOME indeed for you Sam. I have followed some of your blogs as well. It's so nice to have you here and I'm sure I will enjoy your contributions to this site as well.

  6. Welcome to our team of contributors Sam! Truthfully, it seems like you have always been a part of our team because of you constant support, sharing and kind words to all of our members. I look forward to reading your reviews here on Review This Reviews! I have no doubt you will challenge us all in the kitchen, share some awesome book & movie reviews, plus recommend some great gifts. I already enjoyed learning more about you in this post. There is nothing better than being surrounded by a loving family. You are truly blessed!

  7. Welcome Sam :) - always a fan of your family recipes! A great addition to RTR!

  8. Thank you all for such a warm welcome. I'm so happy to be part of a team of such talent. I've followed most of you guys for a long time, and now look forward to working with you.

  9. Welcome aboard Sam, great to have you as a Contributor on ReviewThisReviews. Looking very forward to your shares, especially those delicious recipes you're known for.

  10. Sam, I'm thrilled that you've joined our team as a contributor! I've always enjoyed our online interactions over the years and it was fun getting to learn more about you in this post. I'm looking forward to reading the delicious reviews I know you'll be cooking up for Review This Reviews, my friend!

  11. Congrarulations Sam, I know you will add so much to this already wonderful site.

  12. Sam, always nice to learn a little more about our friends.

  13. Nice to have you hear on Review This with us, Sam!


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