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Cooper-Young Festival Art in Memphis

Cooper-Young Festival
Memphis, TN ~ 9/13/14
For several years, my daughter has raved about the Cooper-Young Festival in Memphis, TN.  She loves attending and often buys pieces of unique art for her home.  She invited me to attend with her, my son-in-law and their group of friends last weekend and I was simply amazed.  

The Cooper Young Festival is a free, outdoor annual event that features a myriad of artists and musicians.  Over the years, word about the fabulous festival has spread like wildfire and it has become extremely popular.  

The festival is held in the historic district of Memphis and the attractions literally line Cooper Street and Young Avenue.  This year, by midday those streets were packed by thousands of attendees.  I found the key to success was to arrive early, make my purchases and then stand back and enjoy the show.  

My Favorite Artist at the Cooper-Young Festival

Cooper-Young Festival
Featured Artist
It didn't take long for me to discover my favorite artist at the Cooper-Young Festival.   When she told me she had just opened an Etsy store online, I knew I would be featuring her here on "Review This!"  

Her artwork is vibrant, beautiful and quite unique.  It is also very affordable.  I do love affordable art!

Morgan is currently an art student in her senior year.  She joined the Cooper-Young festival this year and offered her latest collection, the birthstone series, for sale.  

Each beautiful piece is now available in her Etsy store.  


Conjoined Twins Design ~ April Birthstone

Morgan's artwork certainly reflects the multicultural environment of the Cooper-Young Festival.  

The April Diamond seems to have a story waiting to be told.  A beautiful young woman waiting with her suitcase in hand.  

Is she waiting to be discovered?  Is she about to embark upon a journey?

The wonderful thing about art, it tells whatever story that is spoken to the individual viewers heart.  Often those stories are meant for your eyes only.

I suspect we each see and hear a different story here. 

Conjoined Twins Design ~ July Birthstone

The colors in Morgan's artwork are powerful and vibrant, very much like the women represented in her paintings. 

I also love all of the details in her work.  Just look at this dress.  The intricate pattern of the material is remarkable.  Clearly, the artist gave attention to the smallest of details.  There is even a tassel on the throw pillow. Wow! 

The July Birthstone beauty seems to have a certain frailty in her appearance, but don't be fooled.  I believe the look in her eyes reviews the inward tiger.  

I almost feel like I have known this lady personally.

Conjoined Twins Designs ~ March Birthstone
I am captivated by the beauty of this painting and swept away by the grace emanating from the March Birthstone print.

There is elegance and serenity in her countenance, but a sense of freedom and self assurance.

After hours of considering these prints, I have found that it is truly impossible to choose a favorite.  

They each have a place, a story.  They each speak to me in very definite ways, but all with the same message:  I am content with who I am.  

I also think they reveal the artist's heart.


Article and CYF Photos by ©Sylvestermouse


  1. OK, I can definitely see the draw of the Cooper-Young Art Festival. And I have to agree that Morgan's paintings are beautiful. So glad to hear that her art is now available on Etsy! Hm, next year you should invite me to go along to the festival - :)

    1. Oh, yes Susan! You are hereby invited to join me next year! Be ready to hit the street at 8 am. We will buy what we like, eat our way from booth to booth and like I said, later in the day, we will stand back and enjoy the show. There is also music!

  2. I love art festivals and this one sounds very inviting. Morgan is a very talented artist and what an interesting niche she has showing the birthstone paintings. Very beautiful and unique.

    1. I do believe the unique quality is what I like most about her birthstone series Mary Beth.

  3. wow, she is extremely talented, just love her work - beautiful! - what an incredible gift she has - I love everything about her art, the designs, especially people (love art that feature people) and the colors!

    1. She is incredibly gifted Brite-Ideas. I am amazed by the detail of her work. I was immediately struck by the dresses and flowing gowns in her paintings.

  4. Art festivals are so much fun and a chance to catch a glimpse of some of the artists' finest work. I really like these birthstone creations!

    1. The festivals are a lot of fun. It is always amazing to discover such talent outside of a museum. To be able to buy the prints and take them home is even more wonderful.


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